"Food has the power to heal us. It is the most powerful tool we have to help prevent and treat chronic diseases." - Dr. Mark Hyman


One of the hardest things for people to change is their eating habits.

Humans are hard-wired to seek out highly rewarding foods, which provide instant energy and release a plethora of feel good chemicals in our brain.

The issue is, highly rewarding food is void of nutrition while also being easily obtained and in constant supply in today's society.

If you have been paying attention, you would see that our current population is the most unhealthy and sick we have ever been in our nation's history. 

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) in the United States claims that as of 2012, nearly half of American adults have one or more chronic diseases, with one in four adults having two or more chronic diseases.

It's time to change our relationship with food because the food we eat becomes the new cells, tissues, and hormones our bodies produce. Garbage in...garbage out. 

With the personalized attention of Weights and Plates we will work together to create a personalized wellness plan focusing on healthy food choices that work for you, whether you have never set foot in a kitchen or a "seasoned” chef (pun intended).

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